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Finding the right tools for any job is vital and in Natural Gas control products its crucial. There are many things to consider when choosing a gas regulator for a specific application; desired range of outlet pressure, inlet pressure, gas purity, desired flow, gas compatibility, and so on.  Having the right regulator is essential for performance and longevity.  PF offers a wide range of solutions with unique products you won’t find anywhere else.  Introducing the new GOVENROR 400 that provides versatility you need, quality you can depend on and performance you can trust! 

PF 400 Line Pressure Regulator

ANSI Z 21.80‐2011 / CSA 6.22‐2011 Certified Connection sizes: 3/8” and 1/2” NPT
Vent Limiter for indoor installations*
Max Flow:400 SCFH

Versatility you need, Quality you can depend on, Performance you can trust

Natural Gas Is The Future

The need for safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy is expanding significantly and global energy demand will likely have a peek at this site  increase nearly 25 percent by 2040, driven largely by developing nations. Renewable and nuclear energy will see strong growth, contributing close to 40 percent of incremental energy supplies to meet that demand growth. Oil and natural gas continue to supply about 55 percent of the world’s energy needs through 2040. 

Natural gas demand rises the most, largely to help meet increasing needs for electricity and support increasing industrial demand.  buy Keppra usa By 2040 about 30 percent of the world’s electricity will be generated by natural gas.

Why Natural Gas Is The Fuel Of The Future:

Natural gas as a source of energy to generate electricity is highly efficient. When used in the so-called “combined cycle” operation, gas is used first to power a combustion turbine to turn a generator followed by a heat recovery system that utilizes the heat of the turbine to generate steam to spin a steam turbine, which is used to turn an additional generator. While the overall energy efficiency of a standard thermal plant used to generate electricity, such as a coal-fired generation facility, averages approximately 30 percent, a natural gas combined cycle facility may be roughly double that amount.

And the effluents, including the solid, liquid, and gaseous emissions, from gas-fired facilities are significantly lower than those associated with coal. Of particular note is a 50 percent reduction in the amount of the greenhouse gas CO2 emitted, along with very significant reductions in SOx, NOx, trace metals and particulate matter. In response to these factors the gas-powered portion of the nation’s generation portfolio has rapidly increased by 40 percent in the last few years and appears to be continuing to grow at very fast pace.

Uses for Natural Gas

  • Ingredient for manufacture of plastics and other commercially important organic chemicals
  • Fuel for Vehicles
  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Power Generation

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